Watch this space, beautiful hampers coming soon!


Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to the world of Caveman Grub.

We have spent years in the kitchen lovingly creating and crafting luxury food which is not only healthy but tastes great (honest! We have the awards to prove it!)

 We have a passion for good food and understand it can be difficult to eat a healthy ‘clean’ diet when you don’t have the time to trek around shops looking for exotic ingredients, only to spend another 3 hours trying to make something from them in the kitchen!

All our recipes started from humble beginnings in our Connemara kitchen, where the emphasis was to produce luxury, tasty and healthy grub which was easy to make in the comfort of your own kitchen. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible so you can tailor each product with your individual store cupboard ingredients. 

We've loved every minute of creating these masterpieces and we know you will love every minute of making and eating them :) 


All our foods are:

- grain free

- naturally gluten free

- dairy free

- free from refined sugar



- made from natural ingredients

- organic wherever possible

- free from colourings

- free from preservatives

- free from nasty chemicals!